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 Ayahuasca Retreats

Healing and Transformation … from us to the world!

The Shamanic healing ceremony generally takes approximately one hour. It consists of first a diagnostic and consultation lasting 5-10 minutes and secondly the actual healing and balancing of what was found during the diagnostic lasting 45-50 minutes.
This is a preparation before starting our spiritual retreat, yoga class or meditation experience.

Each participant prior to the final decision to participate in the Sacred Plant medicine ceremony and prior to signing the informed consent agreement must read the following information.

If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, do not participate. If you have any physical health needs such as a puffer for asthma or orange juice for hypoglycemia, etc. please let the Facilitator know before the ceremony and give them your health needs to keep handy for you during the ceremony.

In 2002, they created the “Samai Lodge”, a place dedicated to support the spiritual, emotional, and physical healing of the earth and all her living creatures . This center is located on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador , in the town of San Jose.

“The Bird People” from the Andes Mountains and the Ayahuasqueros (i-a-was-ker-oes) and Tabaqueros” from the Amazon Rainforest. In her practice she includes ancient Andean and Amazonian healing techniques, ceremonies, and rituals as well as shamanic Feng Shui and Tarot cards.

Take a relaxing dip in Samai Ocean Lodge Spa swimming pool, the perfect antidote to a busy day in the city.

Samai Lodge a sacred journey
for transformation and healing!

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