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Un viaje de transformacion de la conciencia empieza en tu casa, en tu corazon, en tu propio ser. De alli , la posibilidad de caminar por los senderos de la tierra, los senderos del cielo y los senderos del universo.

El viaje mas largo dice un amigo ¨es desde tu cabeza…. a tu  corazon¨, por ello se ha creado este espacio para compartir ideas , experiencias, vivencias que nos permitan entender, apreciar y distinguir un viaje multidimencional, teniendo como punto de partida nuestra vida en 3D para descubrir las posibilidades de MultiD realidades. (Realidades multidimencionales).

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Samai Ocean Retreats – 2017/ 2018

Samai Ocean Sacred Retreats 2017/2018

 October/November/December 2017

January 2018

Dwell within the wisdom of the Body and the power of the DNA.

Learn Andean and Amazonian healing techniques.

Experience transformation through altering your perception of Self & the World.

Learn to connect with the power of sacred sites.


Day Spa Gold Facials Microdermabration / May 26th, 2017

This gold cell microdermabrasion facial includes an application of Stem Cell treatment using ultrasound waves for deep penetration. It includes a massage with stem cell activator cream, a healing mask infused stem cells and collagen that combat chronological aging by boosting the production of human skin stem cells, and is topped off with a stem cell toner and rejuvenating stem cell cream.

– Re-awake your youth with apple stem cells
– Delay oxidation skin aging caused by UV rays
– Preserve longevity of epidermal cells
– Enriched with Oxygen Donor to leave skin looks younger
– Regenerates mother cells thus stimulating their reproductive capacity
– Skin immediately lifts and tones while reducing lines and wrinkles non-invasive facial hydrates skin

Tone up, revitalize and restructure. The stringent selection of 99.99% pure gold ingredients, which ensures the highest purity. Only 1/2000 as large as pores, the nano-gold particles added into the 24K nano gold mask could penetrate into the dermis very easily with a great cell activating capacity.

The Microdermabrasion pure Gold is extremely effective in cell regeneration and in the protection against the attacks of free radicals. Gold, the most valuable and sought-after mineral, provides skin with its regenerating energy and antioxidant power. The Gold Mask can stimulate and promote the rejuvenation process of skin cells.

Feng Shui​ Samai Lodge

Samai Ocean Lodge  – Feng Shui – Olon – Ecuador

Is a system thousands of years old from the Orient that addresses the circulation and flow of the life force (ch’i) in the living environment such as a house, a garden, hotel or restaurant. The focus is to bring about balance and harmony among the disparate elements producing a positive affect on people who live and work in the area. It has gained popularity in the West in helping people become more calm and balanced in the midst of their hectic lives.”

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Sacred Journeys / Shamanic Healing Olon Ecuador

Through Sacred Journeys, we have been facilitating Sacred Journeys to the Ecuadorian Andes and Amazon rain forest since 1997. Introducing Amazonian and Andean healing techniques through first hand experiences with the plant medicines, Ayahuasca and Tobacco.

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Hard to go to Ecuador, be close to the ocean and not visit Samai Lodge


The hotel is on top of a mountain and the views are spectacular. I can see the ocean to the west and the mountains to the east. Unlike most of the coast this area is lush and tropical. The staff is great, they have gone to great lengths to help me when my rental car had problems. The food is organic and delicious. If you want a tropical, beautiful, friendly, healthy getaway for a reasonable price this place is perfect. Five minutes and you are at the beach, ten minutes to all the tourist activities in Montanita.

This was exactly right for me.


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