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Hard to go to Ecuador, be close to the ocean and not visit Samai Lodge


The hotel is on top of a mountain and the views are spectacular. I can see the ocean to the west and the mountains to the east. Unlike most of the coast this area is lush and tropical. The staff is great, they have gone to great lengths to help me when my rental car had problems. The food is organic and delicious. If you want a tropical, beautiful, friendly, healthy getaway for a reasonable price this place is perfect. Five minutes and you are at the beach, ten minutes to all the tourist activities in Montanita.

This was exactly right for me.


The Lodge on the top of San Jose Hill, has an ocean and mountain all in one fantastic view. . In the early morning the distant image of Montanita / Olon point, brings to Samai windows the beautiful Olon Church on the top of the cliff as  a building of reference were cast across the water and lay quavering in the ripples and rings sent up by sea-plants through the clear shallows.

“I visited many beautiful places around the world but nothing compares to my experience in Samai, a “down to earth” Spa on a hill. It is a short distance away from a little humble town named San Jose (Ruta del Sol, Provincia Sta. Elena – Ecuador ). Samai is a Nature’s Spiritual Spa where you can use your five senses to experience on one side the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean and behind you, nature’s untouched by man, forest jungle-like forests where birds and animals live free in their natural habitat. “​

Veronica Mendieta,

DBA USA (March 2010)

Chairwoman | Developers & Builders Alliance


“At 330 feet above sea level there emerges this ocean view oasis amid the ivory nut, tangerine, and orange groves. Built with natural materials, the Samai ocean lodge cabins in Montanita – Olon , call to mind the countryside and its sweetness rather than the beach. Tapping the strong energy that steams from the encounter of Ecuadorian mountain and ocean, the lodges have been set up with a mixture of Feng Shui, Andean and Amazonian cosmologies.​

Safe guarded by sounds of the jungle and lightened up by the ocean breeze, Samai Ocean View Lodge is an inn & spa suited for recollection, relaxation and healing”. All in the Montanita  Olon Beach area. *”Mi Guayaquil Magazine” January 2005



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  4. Vía Greg Haner “I was/am honored to Immerse Ed Tuttle and Tania Duran Tuttle, owners of Samai Eco Lodge, in a Sound Bowl FLOAT in their spectacular hilltop pool and deck area perched out on a ridge, thru the gates.. the last property at the end of the road.. rising up dramatically from the coast, nestled into the crest of a mountaintop. Samai overlooks the beautiful coast line to the east & north, the Olon beaches and Montanita Point to the south, and the lush virgin jungle-forested hills for 20 untouched miles to the west. It is sanctuary for birds, flora & fauna, fruit trees and human beings who celebrate the spirit of Mother Earth. Samai is one of the most transformational spaces i have ever experienced. They have a full menu, and the vegetarian food is the best i’ve had in Ecuador. VIVA SAMAI!”

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