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Samai Ocean Lodge is located at the Cordillera Chongon Colonche by the National Park Machalilla. Part of the Valdivian culture one of the most ancient sites on earth.

Heritage Sites await visitors wanting to explore the nearby region like The Frailes Beach, Agua Blanca Site Museum, Isla de la Plata, Salango, Dos Mangas, Montanita surfing town, Day trips can also be planned to Plata Islands, which offer whale watching, prime diving and sailing opportunities. Hiking, walking on the cordillera mountains.

Samai Lodge a healthy vacation

Responsible Tourism in Ecuador

Nature Lovers Paradise

In 2002, they created the “Samai Lodge”, a place dedicated to support the spiritual, emotional, and physical healing of the earth and all her living creatures . This center is located on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador , in the town of San Jose.

Take a relaxing dip in Samai Ocean Lodge Spa swimming pool, the perfect antidote to a busy day in the city.

“Happy body…happy mind”

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