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​Spa & Detox​

Along with sunbathing on the Olon beach and splashing in the surf of Montanita waves, Samai Lodge guests have the option of partaking in a yoga class, working out at the SPA center or hiking in the Cordillera paths.

One swimming pool residing on resort grounds give the illusion of stretching to the sea. The Jacuzzi hidden in the forest creates magic to the mountain and ocean. There is a meditation and ceremonial lodge: “Alishina Wasi” and a big balcony for yoga, stretching, journaling.

The bamboo -style spa provide holistic treatments and a flawless setting that stimulates relaxation upon arrival.
Spa offerings run from invigorating scrubs and rejuvenating hydrotherapy rituals. From Skincare treatments to healing massages. Services utilize products that are either organic or exclusive to the spa.

Let yourself be carried away by the gentle effects that relax your body and immerse yourself in exotic and natural treatments; Benefit from the relaxing and healing effects of therapies designed to improve your overall condition and receive total counseling to harmonize your body and mind … fully consented to Samai Ocean Lodge Spa.

All of our guests have access to our luxury wellness centre. Here you can have a relaxing swim or sauna after an intense workout

Take a relaxing dip in Samai Ocean Lodge Spa swimming pool, the perfect antidote to a busy day in the city.

SPA Facilities

Changing Room
Steam Box
Swimming pool
Massage rooms

Alternative and Complementary Options

Sacred Retreat 

Shamanic Healing
Essential oils – therapy
Chakra alignment with Crystals
Detox Diet

Samai Lodge-Spa. A place  to unwind!


  • Spa A stimulating and relaxing experience, this signature treatment includes a pressure point massage along the body’s 10 major energy channels, releasing blocked energy and increasing awareness and vitality. $40.00 / 1hr
  • Yoga The definitive path to a blissful night’s sleep, will relax and reset your mind and body, lulling you peacefully into a serene slumber. $5.00 / 1 hr Group rate.
  • Mountain Hike The ideal activity to combat stress and restore the body back to balance ,through hiking and walking into the rain forest woods to the Olón / San José sandy beaches.  Bird , monkeys, butterflies  watching. And more… $5.00 Group rate per person
  • Individual Yoga / Training Excellent for releasing knots and tension in the body. Stimulating, strong movements effectively ease a tired aching back and limbs $15 / 1 hr
  • Shamanic Healing The Shamanic healing ceremony takes approximately one hour. It consists of a first diagnostic and consultation tasting 5-10 minutes and secondly on the next 45 to 50 minutes,  the actual healing and balancing using ancient Andean and Amazonian healing techniques $40 / 1hr
  • Sacred Retreat We propose  spiritual exploration through the sacred Amazonian plant medicine Ayahuasca and Tobacco, Shamanic healing ,  co-creating  healing and transformation with daily Yoga,  Asana theory and practice, Meditation, live mantra, and daily trans personal integration



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