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Samai Ocean Spa redefines the luxury hospitality experience.


Ecuador Samai Ocean View Lodge  – Spa , offers a new concept of healthy Ecuadorian traveling services where you can experience the environment, eco-tourism activities, cultural exchange, healthy food in first class settings.​

Ocean and mountain environment, fantastic views, clean air, trees and natural gardens , colorful sunsets all in a romantic and relaxing environment.


Here you’ll enjoy the serene splendor of the cordillera mountains, pacific ocean and rain forest all in one place! You will find the extraordinary peace and tranquility of Ecuador, that is still largely untouched by civilization, rejuvenating your spirit and give you a new lease on life.

If you want be off town , off the noise and party. Samai is your place. Book Now!

The Samai Ocean View Lodge  – Spa ,  offers guests and visitors  a top services installations : a  lobby with spectacular views, a spa  where you can relax and enjoy professional healing services, a yoga and mediation facilities.

As well as,  an art and craft Gift Shop, with hand made souvenirs  by local artist that will guaranty a fun unique shopping experience.

Yoga Retreat

Samai Ocean Lodge Spa invites you to savor a spectacular meal with typical touches, light but gourmet, that never fails to thrill your palate; Feed your body and soul with a view of the sea.

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​Spa & Detox​

Along with sunbathing on the Olon beach and splashing in the surf of Montanita waves, Samai Lodge guests have the option of partaking in a yoga class, working out at the SPA center or hacking in the Cordillera paths. All of our guests have access to our luxury wellness centre. Here you can have a relaxing swim or sauna after an intense workout

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Our customers say

  • At 330 feet above sea level there emerges this ocean view oasis amid the ivory nut, tangerine, and orange groves. Built with natural materials, the Samai ocean lodge cabins in Montanita – Olon , call to mind the countryside and its sweetness rather than the beach. Tapping the strong energy that stems from the encounter of Ecuadorian mountain and ocean, the lodges have been set up with a mixture of Feng Shui, Andean and Amazonian cosmologies.​

    Mi Guayaquil Magazine – January 2015 - Interviews
  • Es un lugar mágico y extraordinario para perderse de la rutina diaria, puedes tomar clases de yoga los lunes y miércoles, las personas que conoces en el Hotel son fantásticas. Cada vez que deseamos salir de la bulla de la ciudad Samia es nuestra mejor opción. Las habitaciones son super cómodas y cumplen con las expectativas. Realmente maravilloso como para ir con tu pareja o con amigos.

    Gabriela Andramuño - Viaje de trabajo
  • Hey everyone. Hope things are well in your world. I’ve had another interesting and relaxing week experiencing all things Ecuador! There is a lodge at the top of the mountainside near our home that we went to visit. It is called Samai Lodge. It actually sits in a rainforest, surrounded by heavy vegetation, birds, monkeys and other wildlife, while still having a fantastic view of the coast and Pacific Ocean. Across the world, there are less than a handful of places where these two environments can be experienced simultaneously, and Ecuador is one of them.

    Todd Gorishek - RELAXING WEEK



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Samai Hill- Km 700 E15, Vía del Spondylus San Jose – Santa Elena.

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